“The Mother Heart of God is brilliant, balanced and beautiful! I love it!
You are holding such a gift in your hands!”
Wm. Paul Young, best-selling author


“A book for all men and women who love God, Trudy touches the heart of what it means to be human and what it means to grow in grace and understanding.”
Lynne Bundesen, author and three-time winner
of the “Excellence in Media” award


“This new book is an amazing example of how a collection of articulate, educated
people deeply committed to differing religious faiths can agree on a concept that has never even occurred to most of us. And, yet the concept is so obvious.”
Vivian Ruskin, columnist, related to Mark Twain


“Draw deeply. The Mother Heart of God is what men and women have been waiting for! Emboldened by the Bible Trudy loves deeply, she has captured the true meaning of the verse in Genesis that both the “male and the female” are created in the image of God. Self-esteem will be restored as women take their rightful place in the world as God intended. It’s been a long time coming . . .”
Susan Janetti, Mental Health Counsellor


“Trudy is a wonderful example of proving that one person can make a difference!
She has often been described as a David against Goliath reporter. Despite facing formidable challenges, her passion for writing the truth always prevails.”
Surrey International Writers Conference
“Special Achievement Award” to Trudy