It was an honor to interview more than 50 wonderful leaders of faith – from Anglican and Baptist, to Catholic and Charismatic. Whether speaking in Virginia or the Vatican, leaders shared insights about the Bible and the mercy of God in ways I had never heard before. In the Mother Heart of God, I will introduce you to:

Craig D. Atwood – Scholar, Moravian Theological Seminary, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Daniel Ayuch

Dr. Daniel Ayuch

Daniel Ayuch – Theologian, St. John of Damascus Institute of Theology, Lebanon.

Sebastian Brock – Oxford University professor, world authority on the Old Syriac Gospels.

Tony Campolo – Author, speaker and professor emeritus, Eastern University, PA.

Gary Chapman – Author of the Five Love Languages and renowned marriage expert.

Francis Collins – Scientist and Director of the Human Genome Project, at time of interview.

Nicky Cruz – Author, whose life is featured in the movie, The Cross and the Switchblade.

Raymond DamadianInventor of the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine.

Danae Dobson – Author, speaker, and only daughter of Dr. James Dobson.

Stasi Eldredge – Well-known author, and ministry leader at Ransomed Heart, Colorado.

Ruth Graham – Public speaker, author, and daughter of Billy Graham. 

Viviane Haenni Founder of a Christian educational and spiritual center in Switzerland.

Doris K. Hamilton – Widow of Neill Q. Hamilton, author of Maturing in the Christian Life.

Margaretha Hendriks-Ririmasse – Dean, Christian University of the Moluccas, Indonesia.

Robert Hiebert – Director, Septuagint Institute, and professor, Trinity Western University.

Thomas Hopko – Dean emeritus, Saint Vladimer’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, New York.

Elizabeth Johnson – Professor of Theology, Fordham University, New York.

Laura Duhan Kaplan – Rabbi, scholar, and former U.S. Professor of the Year.

Anne Lamott – New York Times best-selling author and speaker.

James Lindenberger – Professor emeritus, Hebrew Bible, Vancouver School of Theology.

Interview Brennan Manning

Trudy interviewing Brennan Manning

Anne Graham Lotz – International speaker and author who shared one of her columns with me.

Christl Maier – Senior theologian at the oldest Protestant university in the world (Germany).

Brennan Manning – Best-selling author of The Ragamuffin Gospel and inspirational speaker.

Fio Mascarenhas – Scholar and chairman of the Catholic Bible Institute in Mumbai, India.

Fulata Mbano-Moyo – Theologian, World Council of Churches, Geneva.

Jürgen Moltmann – One of the top Protestant authors and theologians in the world.

Elisabeth Moltmann – Biblical scholar and author in Germany (married to Jürgen).

Three Monks – Benedictine monastery, Westminster Abbey, Seminary of Christ the King.

J.I. Packer – Well-known author and general editor of the English Standard Version Bible.

Chonda Pierce – Comedienne, author and spokeswoman for World Vision.

Della Reese-Lett – Singer, actress, and co-star of TV show, Touched by an Angel.

Jennifer Rothschild – Singer, author, and speaker with the Billy Graham evangelistic team.

Sandra M. Schneiders – Theologian, author, and a woman who made Catholic history.

James Shelton – New Testament scholar at Oral Roberts University.

Janet Soskice – Professor of Philosophical Theology, Cambridge University, England.

Luci Swindoll – Former executive, Mobil Oil Corp., author and Women of Faith speaker.

Richard A. Taylor – Scholar and Director, PhD program at Dallas Theological Seminary, TX.

Vatican – Federico Lombardi, Director, Vatican Press, spokesman for Pope Benedict XVI.

Gay Lynn Voth – Bible teacher at Columbia Bible College, at the time of interview.

Hyveth Williams – Professor of homiletics, SDA Theological Seminary, Michigan.

William Paul Young – Author of The Shack, a best-selling religious novel.

Ravi Zacharias – International evangelist, author, and faith conference speaker.

Yair Zakovitch – Author and professor, Bible Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

I also interviewed: Leslie Chambers, a director with Exodus International; Joseph Fitzmyer, co-editor of the New Jerome Biblical Commentary; Rowshan Nemazee, scholar, Champlain College, Vermont; Buffy Sainte-Marie, award-winning singer, Rafael Zer, scholar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and Eliezer Segal, professor, Religious Studies, University of Calgary.

I will be forever grateful for the time and insights these wonderful people shared with me.